Slaves To The Subconscious…?


Over the years I have had some nasty things happen to me – who hasn’t? Physically and mentally I feel that I am over it… these inflicted wounds have been and gone and are no longer a part of me.  Although I have believed that to be true I have come to the realization that unfortunately it is not. Instead, what do I find? Certain habitual traits and behaviours that have become embedded cause me to follow the same path and experience the same hardship over and over.   Continue reading

Human Energy Fields

Energy. It is all around us; in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and smell. Although energy is not actually tangible, there is no denying its existence. Throw a feather in the air (or anything for that matter) and watch it fall to the ground, or flick a light switch on and off – everything is made up of various energy forms… as are we. This is why we are able to sense an atmosphere in a room or pick up on particular vibes from one another. In some cases, we can even sense when something is going to happen or when someone is going to say something…. all because of energy. Energy is responsible for making us feel connected as humans and anything and everything we interact with, including the ecosystem, planet earth and the universe at large. Continue reading

6 Amazing Natural Ways To Fight Depression

Guest post written by Ariel Baradarian

In this article, I want to share with you my six best and natural ways to fight depression.

Depression can have a major effect on our lives and can really bring us down on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

Those affected with depression will have no desire to accomplish anything nor will they have any motivation whatsoever to make a difference in their lives or in the lives of others.

Natural Ways To Fight Depression

Depression can be caused by a variety of emotional, mental, & physical factors. More than that, depression can be very dangerous

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Love Life Again with Love Coaching

Are you having consistent issues in your love life?

Do you keep going round in circles and don’t know where to turn? Love is the most beautiful and magical aspect of life… but it can also be the source of so much pain, stress and anguish. 

  • Are you in a dead end relationship but scared to let go?
  • Are you single but lack confidence and/or you’re afraid of getting hurt?
  • Are you a love magnet but just can’t seem to find the one?
  • Are you in a serious relationship but the sparkle and excitement has gone?

Whatever your circumstances, if love is an area of your life that is in need of revamping, then let’s discuss options to see how I can help. Check out my exclusive Love Coaching Offer now – affordable sessions to help you put your relationship back on track starting from today. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Lots of Love & Light always,

Holly xx

My Synergy With Water

ocean-1406000I was standing on my balcony, with the sun kissing my skin and a delicious ocean breeze dancing around me. I could not have been happier than I was at that moment. Staring out ahead all I could see was the vast expanse of ocean before me; a deep sapphire blue that was magically hypnotic as well as projecting a quiet aura of foreboding. Albeit being on a luxury cruise liner with my family, I would spend hours on my balcony, lost in my own reverie with nothing but the sun and sea for company.

During the time I spent watching countless crests of waves, it occurred to me how much I love water. Anything to do with water – I am internally drawn.  Whether it is spending two hours in a bubble bath, (which I do frequently!),  lounging in a swimming pool or jacuzzi, or just simply being close to water such as on a beach or walking along a riverbank – I love water! Even during a bad thunderstorm, I like to open the window ajar so I can smell the fresh downpour, and then I curl up in bed soothed by the noise. Continue reading

How To Transform Your Life…. Playing

Is life nothing but a game? A game that equates to a series of trials and tribulations, challenge and competition, dreams and success? Well, I’m not clever enough to answer that but here’s a game that I’ve found that is pretty damn good at depicting life’s problems in a liberating way. What’s more is that it actually guides you in finding the solution; giving you direction to transform your life.

Imagine a game you can play that would enable you to;

  • clarify important personal issues & figure out your next stepsImage result for transformation game
  • find new ways to enhance your relationships
  • recognize personal contributions & abilities
  • transform fears & challenges with fresh insight
  • discover a stress-free work/life balance
  • understand yourself and others more
  • receive love, inspiration & support on your life’s path

This game is amazing – where do I start? Well I think the only way for you to appreciate the ingenuity of this game is for me to share with you my own experience playing it. May I also just be clear before going any further that this game has nothing to do with Quija boards, magic or anything remotely hocus pocus – so please don’t worry!

It is called The Transformation Game and is a board game based on intuition and insight.

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Hello From The Future

Have You Ever Said Hello From The Future?

I adore this time of year! Spring has began to sprung and the sunshine is pouring in through the window. It’s Friday and as I sdaffodils-in-the-garden-1400965it at my desk feeling quite upbeat about the weekend, I suddenly sit up straight and think “Wow, how quickly this year is already going!”. Christmas has been and gone and now we are all looking forward to the beautiful blossoms of Spring, some Easter indulgence and the evenings getting lighter. As lovely as this sounds, it is quite frightening to think how quickly the weeks fly by and the seasons change so drastically. So much can happen in such a short space of time, even though we frequently feel like we are on an eternal hamsters wheel.

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